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We all have seen the popularity of eyelash extensions. What’s not to love when you can have full natural looking eyelashes without the endless effort of mascara or a lash curler. Eyelash extensions are one of those services that once you have them applied, you just can’t live without them!

Never tried them?

Let’s discuss what to expect with your service and a simple plan to care for them.

· Make your initial appointment when you have 2 hours of uninterrupted time to enjoy the process of quietly being pampered. You want to first speak with your esthetician and agree on the look you desire such as a classic look or volume. Don’t come to your appointment with mascara or other eye makeup already applied if you can avoid it. If you wear contacts, it may be a good day to bring the glasses. These things are not a requirement but may cut some time off the process. Finally, make sure you set up follow-up visits to touch up your lashes and maintain that dramatic look we all love. We recommend a touch-up every 2 weeks and it generally takes 30-45...


Rita Daoud has joined the All About U Spa team from San Diego, CA. Rita is an accomplished advanced permanent makeup artist and licensed master esthetician.

Rita will be providing a vast array of permanent makeup and master esthetic services at All About U. These services include microblading, microneedling, plasma skin tightening, permanent eyeliner, permanent lips/lipliner, freckles & beauty marks.

Check out Rita’s amazing work here

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$50 Off Microneedling

$100 Off Plasma Skin Tightening


Tired of spending hours trying to pencil in the desired shape and color of the perfect eyebrow? All About U now offers the solution – it is called microblading!

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair like strokes to fill in sparse, irregular or thinning brows. The final product is amazing. Imagine a customized look based on the structure of your face, skin tone and consultation with our licensed master esthetician. Desired looks can range from daring and bold to subtle and natural appearing.

The process starts with cleaning and numbing of the existing brow area prior to treatment. A small handheld tool is then used to create thin, filling, hair like strokes that determine the color and shape of the new brow. Different than in permanent tattooing, the microblading tool uses special ink that is less concentrated and applied in thinner strokes. This process results in realistic natural appearing brows that are beautiful and hassle free.

Microblading treatments at All About U also include a touch-up 4-6 weeks after procedure....

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In the year of a pandemic we have seen it all in the hair salon. Box dyes, home hair services, take home kits, “miracle” products, neglect and even challenges caused at another hair salon. We affectionately call all this “Covid Hair”. Shortcuts and intended savings often result in unexpected results and we are frequently asked to fix the consequences. Unfortunately damaged hair caused by these practices can be very time consuming and expensive to repair. It may take a series of appointments and time to restore your hair to pre Covid Hair condition. The reason for this is that these products often damage the hair and rarely do it consistently across all areas of your hair. These damaged areas have different ph, color, luster and strength than healthy hair. Color corrections over Covid Hair may not respond the same as healthy hair. The first thing we do is assess the condition of your hair and determine if corrections at this time are best. Some hair is literally falling out when we first see clients with Covid Hair. The long term health and beauty of your hair is our greatest...

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Balayage is a hair coloring technique where the color is gradually applied to the hair in a vertical fashion. Balayage comes from the French term “to sweep” which describes the natural appearing transition in hair color. This process results in a more natural looking color application giving seemless blends of lights and darks with vast dimensions.

How is this different than traditional highlights or Ombre? Highlights are known for chunky variations or strands of color. Ombre is a more rapid transition in hair color creating a horizontal variation in tones. Balayage is focused on natural transitions, subtle yet defined.

The stylists at All About U are artists in creating the ultimate Balayage. Often described as one of the most enjoyable services a stylist performs, Balayage allows creativity working on the clients hair as if it were a fine painting. Compliment a Balayage with curls and a precision cut, the final product is magical. The transition the hair goes through is amazing to experience and the clients...

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Our hair salon in McKinney, Texas offers women beautiful hair with a special discount. Each day, thousands of women hit search engines looking for a convenient and top-rated hair salon or hair stylist. Trying to determine what women’s hair salon will be your forever home can be a daunting task. Sometimes, it takes a little nudge to try a new hair salon or hair stylist.

All About U Salon, Spa & Boutique is now offering new clients $25 off salon or spa services totaling $100 or more. Our agenda is clear, provide you with an incredible discount to try All About U and earn your repeat business by pairing you with a stylist that listens to you and provides the highest quality services while in an inviting, safe atmosphere.

Over the last 9 years All About U has received numerous awards from product suppliers, our community and clients. Most important to us is being voted Best Hair Salon in McKinney by our clients. Time to try something new – it’s All About U!


As of May 8th, we have officially reopened our doors and are welcoming back our customers! While we are open, things are going to be different for the foreseeable future. Even though we are extremely excited to offer this small sense of normalcy and help those feel their best, there are things that we are going to be strictly implementing. This is an unknown and a first for our business and our customers. We ask that you please be patient, understanding, and adhere to the guidelines we set in place. In this blog post, we are going to be discussing what reopening looks like and how we are asking our customers to adhere to our new policies. Keep reading to learn more!

First off, it is important to note that all of these requirements we are setting in place are coming from the CDC and TDLR and being set in place by the State of Texas Executive Order. All of these are legally required by law and unfortunately we will not be able to serve you, unless you adhere to these policies.


As of...


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